Ghadeer Petrochemical Company, the master and trailblazer in the field of PVC production and supply among Middle-East countries.


PVC Production and supply to domestic and foreign market in accordance to

international standards in order to meet beneficiaries satisfaction.

Basic values

  1. Preservation of human resources and keeping employees dignity
  2. Concentration on satisfaction of the beneficiaries
  3. Special attention to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
  4. Attention to the creativity, innovation and continual improvement and development of team work
  5. Regularity and discipline of the organization
  6. Optimization of consumption model.
  7. Providing a friendly and cheerful atmosphere in the workplace

Company Profile

Ghadeer Petrochemical Company has been established in 15.2 hectare area in site 3 of Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (PETZONE) in the district of Badar-e-Mahshahr, exploited in 2009. It has an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons of Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM, Monochloroethylene) and also the company’s total Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin’s capacity is 120,000 tons per year, that can be used for making different types of pipes,hoses, electrical cable insulation, profile applications such as doors and windows , kitchen cabinets, automobile industries, ect.


  1. Social Security Investment Company

(SSIC that is known as Shasta in Iran)                                                     90%

  1. Bandar-e-Imam Khomeini Petrochemical Company (BIPC) 10%

PVC usage

PVC is one of the most popular artificial polymers that can be found in different forms such as rigid, flexible, co-polymer and foam and because of its desirable properties such as physical and mechanical properties, chemical resistance, inexpensive, lightness and variety of shaping methods, has a wide range of usage. Rigid PVC is used in profile applications such as doors and windows, credit cards, water pipes, floorings and stuff like that. Flexible PVC is used for producing cable and wire casing, bags, shoes and other similar usage.

Utility unit

Ghadeer Petrochemical Company is able to produce most of its required utility services in the complex which includes chilled water, cooling water, DM water, service air, instrument air, steam, liquid and gaseous nitrogen and oxygen which are used in other units of the complex. Production capacity of each of these sections is shown on the table below. The utility services received from Fajr Petrochemical Company include drinking water, fire-fighting water, and electricity and Ro water.

VCM unit

Feedstocks of this unit are ethylene, chlorine, oxygen and hydrogen chloride gases. Consumed ethylene is supplied from west distribution ring  and also Maroon Petrochemical Company; and chlorine gas is supplied from Arvand Petrochemical Company. Required oxygen and hydrogen chloride are also produced in the complex. In this unit, first EDC is produced in presence of catalysts FeCl3 and CuCl2 in OXY and DC reactors respectively which after purification is entered in cracker furnace and finally VCM and hydrogen chlorine are produced. Produced VCM, after purification process, with production capacity of 150,000tons per year, is stored in the spherical storage tanks and the produced hydrogen chlorine gas as the middle product, is returned to OXY reactor for consuming. Impurities  obtained from purification of produced VCM and EDC are burned at temperature of1450°c and finally HCL acid 18% is produced.

PVC unit

Produced VCM in VCM unit which is used as a basic material of PVC unit reacts with DM water and other additives such as catalyst and emulsifier in 6 reactors equipped with mixer in volume of 70.5m³ that are made of stainless steel, and produces PVC polymer chain.

Production capacity of this unit is 120,000 tons per year with 3separate production lines , and the ability to produce 6important industrial grades ( K-61, K-69, K-67, K-70, K-57, K-65) and also packing of products in forms of bag, jumbo bag and loading up trailer trucks are its significant features.

The Company’s Honors

  • Obtaining ISO14001:2004 certificate, issued by IMQ, Italy in 2011
  • Obtaining OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate, issued by IMQ, Italy in 2011
  • Obtaining HSE-MS (Safety, Health and Environment specified for Oil, Gas and

Petrochemical industries) Management System certificate, issued by IMQ, Italy in 2011

  • Obtaining the “Obligation to the Organizational excellence” certificate, from the first festival of the Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award in 2011
  • Achieving the nominal capacity in PVC and VCM units, in the first year of production
  • Obtaining ISO9001:2008 certificate , issued by IMQ, Italy in2010
  • Obtaining ISO/TS29001:2010 certificate, issued by IMS, Italy in 2010
  • Obtaining 2- star letter of appreciation in the second festival of Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award in 2012
  • Obtaining ”obligation to the organizational excellence “ certificate from the 9th festival of national awards for productivity and organizational excellence
  • Achieving level-3 of green commitment certification in the 7th Iranian Society for Green Management in 2012
  • Achieving 3-star star letter of appreciation in the 4th Petrochemical Industry Excellence Award in 2013
  • Getting the national award of efficiency from national efficiency organization in 2013
  • Achievement certification of ISO 50001:20011 (Energy Management System) from IMQ in 2014
  • Getting a 3-star certificate of appreciation in petrochemical industry excellence awards in 2014
  • Getting certificate of appreciation Brand strategy Symposium in 2014

The most important bio-environmental achievements and actions

1-stablishing and commissioning sand filter project, in order to control TSS of PVC unit’s wastewater.

2-stablishing and commissioning centrate unit in order to recovering outlet wastewater of PVC unit’s centrifuges at the rate of 20m³per hour.

3-Renovating emergency washing tower in order to prevent the emission of processing gases to the environment.

4-commissioning complex’s trash burning unit in order to burn off-Gas and waste liquid.

5-installation of online wastewater analyzer.

دفتر مرکزی: تهران, شهرک غرب, بلوار شهید دادمان، خیابان فخار مقدم, نبش گلبرگ 2, ساختمان آریوبرزن, پلاک 4
شماره دفتر 02141791000
کد پستی: 1468833481

Central Office: No 4, Ariubarzan Complex, Corner of 2nd Golbarg Alley, Fakhar Moghadam St., Shahid Dadman Blvd., Shahrak-e Gharb (Qods), Tehran, Iran
tel:+98 21 41 791000


Factory: Site3, Petrochemical Special Economic Zone, Mahshahr, Khouzestan, Iran
tel: +98 61 521 24000

آدرس کارخانه : خوزستان، ماهشهر، منطقه ویژه اقتصادی پتروشیمی، سایت 3

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