Sale call PVC S65 - NO:99/05

Sale call PVC S65 - NO:99/05

Sale call PVC S65  -  NO:99/05



This is to invite applicants to submit their proposals upon the call of sales of PVC_S65 as stated below:

Destination Port

Terms of sales


Chosen by the customer


Sales offer for 7000 tons of PVC- S65 in volumes of 500  to 1000  tons




Call of Sales No. : 99/05

Date of export call of sales: Saturday 02/ Jan / 2021

Deadline for submitting proposals: 23:59 Sunday January 3, 2021

Opening emails and final price announcement will be available: on Monday January 4, 2021 at 15:00 in the website, WWW.GPC.IR

Price approval deadline: 23:59 Tuesday January 5, 2021

Ghadeer Petrochemical Company intends to offer 7000 tons PVC product of grade S65 in volumes of 500 to 1000 tons. Kindly submit your proposed price by 23:59 Sunday January 3, 2021 through Please be reminded that proposals submitted after the aforementioned time and date will not be valid.

Note the following:

• Proposals submitted to other email addresses shall not be considered.

• Ghadeer Petrochemical Company has the Ultimate authority to accept or reject all submitted proposals.

• Proposals which shall contrast with the conditions stated in the call of sales (in terms of amount, payment terms, delivery time & terms, etc.) will not be considered in the final assessment.

·      Methods of payment in FCA terms of delivery is 100% cash however, FOB INDIA is %20 advance and %80 before loading.

·      In FOB terms of delivery  buyer is responsible for all expenses including freight, THC, ...etc.

• In case of default in payment upon success to receive proforma, the applicant will be placed in the black list for the period of one year.  

• After the deadline, the submitted proposals will be assessed by Ghadeer Petrochemical Company, and the final price will be announced to applicants.

• Companies which will consequently be approved shall immediately pay and clear balance. They are also required to load, move and export the cargo within the time limit mentioned in the invoice. Otherwise, Ghadeer Petrochemical Company is allowed to receive a daily fine of 5 US Dollars per tons.

• The submitted proposal shall be valid at least till January 13th, 2021.

Applicants are required to submit the call of sales document sign and stamped, as agreement and acceptance of the stated conditions. Also it is kindly requested to attach company documents such as company establishment announcement, or official newspaper, or valid commercial card, as well as identification documents of all members of the board of directors to the submitted proposal.

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